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Welcome to the Website of the Children's Health and Education Fund

All children have a right to the basic necessities of life and the means to attain them. The purpose of CHEF is to  contribute towards this by helping individuals and projects that are working towards this goal.

This website gives an overview of some of the work we do, the projects we assist and how you can help if you would also like to be a part of working towards  a more equable future for all children on the planet.


Our focus for 2018 is on our scholarship students and supported schools in India.

We are delighted to see the kids at the Tinitia Primary School in Orissa watching documentaries and educational programs with the aid of the laptop no overhead projector  supplied by CHEF. The children enjoy this programing so much that all the children from every classroom are gathered to watch and participate!


Our focus for 2017 is on our scholarship students and supported schools in India.      

100 pieces of educational materials were purchased and donated to the Tinitia  Primary School in Orissa state in India.  This school has a large proportion of tribal children who are given a special focus and streamed to various higher standard schools with hostels. The teachers have been having a lot of success in mainstreaming these often late-starters in to their age-appropriate classes after just a year's focus.


Mr Parameswar Giri, who spent a month sponsored by CHEF at an Australian Independent School in 2014, continues to put the resources of overhead projector, video camera and laptop donated by The Children's Health and Education Fund, to good use. Often requested to be a trainer  in Department-organised district-level teacher's training, he is able to continue to pass on the skills and knowledge acquired during his month-long Observation and Teaching Methodology Training in Australia. With Mr Giri's assistance and government organised training, the teaching methods at this interior rural school are changing rapidly. Engagement of students, participatory classes, play-way education are all becoming familiar methodologies far in advance of most schools in the country.

On the individual level, we congratulate Marina Gupta, who has been sponsored by CHEF since 2012. She has just scored 96% in the very difficult Class 10 examinations of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) which governs most English-medium education on a national level in India. We wish her well in her final two years of school.

More congratulations are extended to Sanjay Kumar Mahato whose hostel costs have been sponsored by CHEF since 2014 while he studied Mechanical Engineering  under state scholarship for the disabled at the Punjab Technical  University. He is about to graduate in the 1st Division and begin his career.

As one student graduates successfully, another meritorious student is awarded a scholarship also. This is Susana Gupta who is studying at St. Michael's School for the Hearing Impaired in Hazaribagh, India. Profoundly deaf since birth, Susana has transcended her difficult early years and is doing well both academically and in Paralympic sports.


We are happy that in the 2016 year ending 31st December, The Children's Health and Education Fund was able to transfer over  $25,000 to The Lotus Children's Centre in Ulaan Baatar. To get up-to-date news about Lotus, please see their wonderful work on the Lotus Children's Centre website or check them out on Facebook: .


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